Contact Lens Exams In Chico, CA

Contact Lenses in Chico and Paradise, CA

Contact lenses have undergone an amazing transformation over the decades. Today's modern techniques and forms allows for greater comfort, convenience, and corrective ability than we could have imagined. Even so, it's still critically important that you receive just the right contact lenses for your vision needs, lifestyle preferences, and ocular health. That's why we're proud to serve Chico and Paradise, CA, with the finest eye care and contact lens fittings you'll find anywhere. Let's take a look at the varied world of contact lenses at Reeve-Woods Eye Center.


Vision Testing and the Contact Lens Exam

The same comprehensive eye exam and vision testing that determines your prescription for eyeglasses also gives us your prescription for contact lenses. The fact that you're getting contacts, however, also necessitates another evaluation called a contact lens exam. This exam combines the taking of detailed eye measurements with a discussion of:

  • Any eye conditions or underlying health problems that might affect your choice of contacts
  • How your prescription may dictate a particular contact lens option
  • Whether you want to wear your contacts for multiple days or discard them after a single-use

All of this information helps us determine which contact lenses will offer the most comfortable experience and the highest degree of vision correction for your needs.

A Variety of Choices From Your Optometrist in Chico

Following the contact lens exam, our multi-practitioner eye care team is now ready to provide you with your ideal lenses. Many people with uncomplicated or mild vision issues can get the correction they need from standard, single-vision soft contacts. Don't worry, though, if your needs are somewhat more specialized. Your optometrist in Chico CA can also provide "hard-to-fit" contacts such as:

  • Moisture-retaining contacts - These lenses can be more comfortable than regular contact lenses for dry eye sufferers.
  • Rigid gas-permeable contacts - These lenses are stiffer than soft contacts, which allows them to provide prescribe correction for strong or difficult prescriptions.
  • Toric contacts - Toric contacts won't rotate on your cornea as you blink, which makes them an excellent choice for astigmatism.
  • Scleral contacts - These oversized contacts, which are surprisingly comfortable, can compensate for severe corneal irregularities.
  • Multifocal contacts - You can get contacts that correct for presbyopia.

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