Emergency Eye Care

What Emergencies Require an Eye Doctor?

Chances are you have only ever seen an ophthalmologist for your annual eye exam. But did you know that there are many reasons to schedule an appointment with our ophthalmologists? It is important to recognize and act on visual changes. Here are a few common reasons to seek out your ophthalmologist.


Traumatic Eye Injury

It is very important that you see an eye doctor as soon as possible after experiencing a traumatic eye injury or accident. An example of a traumatic eye injury, is when any foreign body is retained in your eye or has impacted with your eye in such a way as to cause pain, visual changes (i.e. double vision), or an inability to open your eye fully due to swelling or light sensitivity. You should also see a doctor if the eye has been burned or exposed to toxic liquids.

If you fail to seek treatment from a doctor right away, you may end up with permanent vision loss.

In the event that an object has penetrated your eye, you should not try to remove it yourself. Do not attempt to wash out your eye if you have punctured or cut it. Do cover the injured eye with a rigid shield and call our staff right away for further instructions. 

Red Eyes

Another emergency that requires a visit to an eye doctor is red eyes. If you have red eyes and it is followed by a discharge, you need to be evaluated by an ophthalmologist promptly.

Red eyes are commonly associated with conjunctivitis. Most cases of acute pink eye are viral, which needs to be treated early on. Therefore, it is important to be examined by our eye care professionals to determine whether the infection is viral or bacterial and to receive the appropriate treatment.

Significant Changes in Vision

Finally, if you are experiencing significant changes in vision, it needs to be addressed quickly by our ophthalmologists. Usually, sudden changes in vision are an indication of a corneal or retinal defect. If this defect is left untreated, it can eventually lead to permanent loss of vision.

If you have experienced an abrupt blurred vision, pain in the temples, and a fever, you may be suffering from a condition called temporal arteritis, which is a serious problem that causes damage or inflammation in the temporal arteries.

A significant change in vision can also be a result of neurological issues like nerve damage or a stroke. Our doctors will be able to diagnose the sudden change in your vision.

Emergency Eye Care in Chico

Eyesight is incredibly valuable, but it is easy to take it for granted. Therefore, it is essential that you seek out emergency eye care in the event that you experience any of the situations discussed above. For more information about what is considered as an eye emergency, don't hesitate to contact Reeve Woods Eye Center in Chico, CA, at 530-899-2244.