Eyecare Services

Services Administered at Reeve-Woods Eye Center, an Optical Clinic in Chico, CA

At Reeve-Woods Eye Center, an optical clinic in Chico, we know our patients have different vision needs. Some of our patients are younger and have perfect vision and just need routine contact lens and vision exams. Others are starting to wear glasses or contacts and need their prescriptions updated every few years. Others still are older and may be at risk of developing some serious vision conditions.

woman getting an eye exam

Our Chico Optometrists

Our optometrists in Chico work hard to administer services and care for all these different but equally important vision needs. It’s no wonder our eye doctors in Chico are some of the most renowned in the area.

Those eye doctors are Dr. David J. Woods, M.D; and Dr. Robert B. Reeve, M.D. No matter which of our many services you’re interested in, our optometrists in Chico are ready to address your questions or see you for an appointment.

Our Services

Our three eye doctors in Chico administer all our vision services here at Reeve-Woods Eye Center. Those are:

• A full optical clinic with contact lens exams, hard-to-fit contacts fittings, sunglasses fittings, and frame selection

• Premium lenses for those with specialized prescriptions

• Vision and eye exams

• Sports vision treatment for athletes

• Treatment for computer vision, a condition that manifests from too many hours spent staring at various screens, including smartphone screens, tablet screens, and even TV screens

• Macular degeneration management and treatment of both wet and dry age-related macular degeneration, which are two serious, vision-robbing conditions

• The CyPas Microstent for glaucoma patients, which is surgery for treating this condition and its symptoms, including light halos, nausea, headaches, eye pain, and blurred vision

• Dry eye treatment from your optometrist, which is often prescription eye drops such as artificial tears to lessen the swelling, redness, and itchiness of this condition

• Vision surgery or laser treatments for serious diabetic retinopathy, which can otherwise be maintained through blood sugar checks

• Cataract surgery, such as lens implants, which is a common outpatient surgery and not considered very serious

Our Contact Information

To set up an appointment with our optometrists in Chico CA today, check out our website at http://www.reevewoods.com/ or stop by any of our two locations in Chico. In Chico, our address is Reeve-Woods Eye Center on 460 West East Avenue, Suite 110 and our phone number is 530-899-2244.