Seeing the REAL You: Eyeglasses for Your Personality!

Reeve-Woods Eye Center is your “go to” place for prescription eyewear. We are conveniently located to serve all of Chico, CA, & Paradise, CA, as well. We carry a wide array of prescription eyeglasses to fit every lifestyle, face shape, and unique preferences. Our skilled, trained optician will work with you to find exactly what you want within your budget.

Eyeglasses for Your Personality!

What Type of Glasses Do I Need for My Lifestyle?

      • A professional will want to go with a more traditional look and color. This would include a shape such as an oval, almond or rectangle with neutral colors like black, brown, silver or gold. Avoid bright colors or trendy looks with rhinestones or other accents.
      • If you are more artsy, get creative with your prescription eye ware. You can choose a fresh new color in a large frame. Often those who are the moody, artistic type will prefer a more nostalgic type frame such as cat-eye shaped or a classic black wayframe. 
      • Seniors are prone to gravitate towards solid metal frames or rimless glasses so as to not draw attention to wrinkles. However, in this day and time, there are many more choices for the older crowd. Famous over 60's such as Diane Keaton and Woody Allen have put to bed the idea that seniors must choose a certain look to hide those wrinkles.
      • Sports participants may need an extra pair of glasses to wear for evening and weekend playing. Your daytime eyewear may not be appropriate to play tennis or softball. Reeve-Woods carries an excellent selection of sportswear eyeglasses. Whether you need safety glasses or just a more casual, sturdy frame, we have lenses and frames to fit every occasion.
      • We also feature a plethora of student eyeglasses. From your active 3 year old who needs a sturdy plastic frame with a headband to hold it in place to the 20 year old college student who wants to look studious, we have it all!
      • Taking in to consideration the shape of your face, the color of your skin and your wardrobe will make choosing eyeglasses an easier task. Certain shape faces need particular shapes of glasses to accentuate and flatter. Our optician can advise you on these elements of your glasses.

Reeve-Woods Eye Center is the premier choice for eyeglasses in the Chico, CA & Paradise areas. Our on-site optician will walk you through the process of determining the exact look and nature of glasses you need and want for your busy life. Call us today to schedule an appointment: (530) 899-2244.