Our Ophthalmologists Treat Hyperopia

You probably know hyperopia by its other name, farsightedness. This condition makes it harder for you to see things up close. You may find that you hold books or your phone at arms' length to read properly.  Instead of picking up a pair of reading glasses at the pharmacy or local store, make an appointment with our eye surgeons at Reeve-Woods Eye Center in Chico, CA. We can evaluate your vision and prescribe you with corrective lenses that will make it easier to read without stretching your arms out.


What Is Hyperopia?

Hyperopia is a type of refractive error that occurs when your eyes do not direct light correctly to the retina. Depending on how the light angles in your eyes, you may have trouble seeing up close (hyperopia) or far away (myopia). An ophthalmology exam can determine if you have a refractive error and how to correct it.

Signs of Hyperopia

Farsightedness can develop over time or be present from an early age. Some people may experience significant effects from hyperopia such as:

  • Headaches
  • Eyestrain
  • Fatigue
  • Trouble keeping focus on close objects
  • Anxiety when having to read

If a once easy task has become difficult, call us to get an appointment today. Let us help you get your quality of life back!

Treatment Options that Our Eye Doctors Use

Our ophthalmologists can prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct your hyperopia. If you also have trouble seeing far away, you may need multifocal or bifocal lenses for your glasses or contacts. Multifocal and bifocal lenses allow you to see clearly both near and far without needing to put on reading glasses.

Our Ophthalmologists Can Help Treat Your Farsightedness

Regular eye exams for the entire family are vital to ensuring that everyone can see well both near and far away. If you suspect that you have farsightedness, schedule a visit with us at Reeve-Woods Eye Center in Chico, CA, for a comprehensive eye and vision exam. During this exam, our eye doctors can determine if you have hyperopia and identify the right prescription contact lenses or eyeglasses to make reading easier and no longer painful. Call our ophthalmology clinic today at 530-899-2244 to set an appointment.