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If you’re looking for ophthalmologists in Chico CA, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Reeve-Woods Eye Center, our physicians — Dr. David J. Woods, M.D; Dr. Robert B. Reeve, M.D.; Dr. Amy V. Spanfelner, O.D. — are excited to offer comprehensive eye care. Our practice focuses on macular degeneration, cataract surgery, glaucoma medical and surgical eye care, and eye lid surgery. As one of the few offices in our area to offer premium surgical lenses and procedures such as LensX, we welcome questions from anyone interested in finding a solution to their vision needs!

As ophthalmologists, we know that many patients are referred to us for consultation and treatment by another physician or eye doctor. If you have been referred for consultation, we strive to keep your doctor informed about your condition. We will also advise you on when it is time to return to your referring doctor's care. At times, you may be cared for by an associate who is not the one to whom you were referred. Our priority is your health.


Patients visiting our office for the first time receive a thorough exam. During the initial visit we will ask you questions about your eyes, your general health and medications that you take. In order to streamline the medical history portion of the first exam we recommend you print and fill out the Medical History Form from our website prior to your appointment.

Your eyes will also be dilated to allow examination of your retina. You may require diagnostic tests, including optical coherence tomography (OCT), corneal topography, visual field testing, and biometry for intraocular lens implants before cataract surgery.

Allow one to two hours for this initial consultation. Please bring your insurance cards or billing information and a list of medications that your are taking. Since your eyes may be dilated, please remember to bring your sunglasses and a companion to drive you home.

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If you want to get in touch with our office, or set up your appointment, we encourage you to contact as at 530-899-2244 or stop by Reeve-Woods Eye Center at 280 Cohasset Road, Chico California.

We look forward to seeing you!