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Children's Eye Health Month

Children's Eye Health

Our eyes are meant to last us a lifetime. This is one of the many reasons why we should begin caring for them as soon as possible. From infancy to adulthood, eye exams should be a normal part of our healthcare. This is true for children and babies as well. Once or twice a year, children should receive a vision check-up to ensure that their eyes are healthy. This is a great way of catching any issues before they become bigger.

Why is Eye Health Important for Children?

Eye health is important for children because our eyes grow and change as we age. Even children can experience changes in their eyesight. As a result, it's a good idea to have young eyes checked periodically. Eye exams are important even in between routine visits if a child begins to experience problems with their vision. Visiting an eye doctor as quickly as possible is a good way to catch an issue before it becomes bigger. An optometrist can help spot problems and step in to provide solutions. Chico & Paradise Optometry believe in ensuring that children have healthy vision through routine eye exams and proactive measures.

Eye Exams and Eye Health

Eye exams are a vital tool for the eye doctor. Several tests can be performed to check for different disorders or confirm that a person's eyes are healthy. These exams can outline potential problems and catch common vision issues like nearsightedness as well as other issues. Regardless of the results, a person's eye health is difficult to determine without these important exams. This is one of the reasons why children should have their vision screened routinely.

It’s our Pleasure to Serve you

Be proactive. Have your child's vision screened, routinely. If he or she needs glasses or some other vison issue, an eye exam can provide important background data and help the doctor move towards a solution. Give Chico & Paradise a call at (530)-899-2244. We look forward to serving you.