Colored Contacts for Halloween

Colored Contacts for Halloween

Colored Contacts for Halloween

Here at our optical shop in Chico, we see droves of patients in search of interesting and patterned colored contacts to complement their costume for Halloween. While they can be wildly fun, there is a right and wrong way to go about obtaining these cosmetic contacts. Our opticians at Reeve-Woods Eye Center offer these do’s and don’ts to ensure your eyes are safe.

Dos — How to Play it Safe with Cosmetic Contacts

DO: See an optometrist to see if colored contacts are a good choice for you, as not everyone is well suited for lenses. Furthermore, eyes vary in shape, and a poor fitting lens could damage the eye or result in long term problems.

This ‘DO’ is also important because the Food and Drug Administration considers all types of contact lenses—even those without a corrective prescription—to be medical devices. This means that a prescription is mandatory to legally obtain contact lenses even for a single night’s use.

DO: Follow the directions and guidance provided by the professionals at our Reeve-Woods Eye Center Chico optical shop. Failure to use caution and follow their instructions could result in consequences including pink eye, infection, allergic reactions, and even blindness in the most severe cases.

The Don’ts of Cosmetic Contacts Safety

DON’T: Buy Halloween style lenses online from random retailers. Instead, buy cosmetic contacts directly through the optical shop or from a dealer recommended by an eye professional. Many illegal lenses pass through the cracks—especially during Halloween—that are subpar, come from unreliable sources, and some are even expired.

DON’T: Wear colored specialty lenses for longer than four hours, and some users report discomfort even sooner. This is because there is less oxygen reaching the eyes through these thicker lenses.

Let Us Be Your Halloween Eye Specialist

Here at Reeve-Woods Eye Center in Chico, CA, we have several cool styles of decorative colored contacts and will help keep your eyes protected while you have fun. Contact us today online or call our optical shop directly at 530-899-2244.