Hydrus Glaucoma Implant Frequently Asked Questions

Hydrus Glaucoma Implant Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a glaucoma patient who is considering treatment at Reeve Woods Eye Center in Chico, CA? Glaucoma is treated by lowering eye pressure. Our ophthalmologist may recommend laser treatment, oral medication, surgery, eye drops, or a combo of these options depending on your health status. Surgery is often the least invasive option. If surgery is deemed the best option, you could be a good candidate for the Hydrus Glaucoma Implant. The following are some answers to common questions asked about the Hydrus Glaucoma Implant.

How Does This Surgical Procedure Work?

The Hydrus device is a tubular device that penetrates the eye to create room for the fluid in your eye to get drained via its natural path. This reduces the fluid build-up that is responsible for the increased pressure within your eye.

What’s the Pre- and Post-Surgery Experience?

Most patients experience little to no pain during their eye surgery because of the anesthesia. Some patients have reported seeing bright lights while undergoing surgery. Our surgery coordinators will go over everything to expect before and after any procedure once the doctor has decided surgery is the best eye care solution for you.

Will You Need to Re-Visit Our Eye Surgeon?

You will be set up with post-operative care as a part of the pre-surgery meeting you have with our surgery coordinators. Generally, we see all patients for a one-day post-op, a one-week post-op and a three-week post-op. After that, our doctor will tell you how often you will need to re-visit. However, our doctors are committed to giving you as many post-operative appointments as you need during the healing process.

What Medication Will I Use After Surgery?

Depending on your inflammation levels, you may be asked to use antibiotics and steroid eye drops. There is also a chance you will need to continue using your glaucoma drops through the post-surgery period.

When Will My Vision Improve?

Everyone has a different experience but the first few days after any procedure you should expect to have some blurriness. You will also need to avoid activities that strain your eyes, like a workout or heavy lifting. You will need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from bright light during the recovery period.

Glaucoma Surgery Specialist in Chico

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