How To Twitching

How To Twitching

If you are experiencing eye twitching, then you know how uncomfortable the experience can be. At Reeve Woods Eye Center, we can provide simple treatments for patients suffering from eye twitching in and around the Chico area. Here is a look at how our certified ophthalmologists can treat eye twitching and how you can reduce eye twitching during your daily interactions.

Professional Care for Eye Twitching

An eye twitch is an eyelid or muscle spasm that cannot be controlled. Eye twitching can be caused by various issues, including fatigue, stress, caffeine, light sensitivity, and certain medications. While most eye twitching events go away on their own, more serious conditions will require the care of an ophthalmologist.

There are two main treatments for eye twitching. The first approach is using prescription medication. Our ophthalmologists may prescribe an eye drop to reduce or eliminate the spasms. The most effective way to treat your eye twitching is by scheduling an eye exam. A thorough assessment will provide a clear answer for what treatment is right for you.

How to Reduce Eye Twitching

While an ophthalmologist can treat more serious forms of eye twitching, there are several steps that you can personally take to reduce your chances of experience eye twitching in the future. Our recommended steps include:

  • Drink less caffeine - Caffeine can overstimulate your nervous systems and lead to muscle spasms in the eye.
  • Get more sleep - It is recommended that you get at least seven hours of sleep each night.
  • Keep your eye lubricated - Use over-the-counter eye lubricant on your eyes if they feel dry.
  • Apply a warm compress to your eye with twitching spasms begin - You can a warm compress over your eyes whenever an eye twitching event begins.

Contact Us for Eye Care from Our Ophthalmologists in Chico 

At Reeve Woods Eye Center, we provide top eye care and a wide variety of contact lenses and eyewear for patients in the Chico area. If you are experiencing persistent eye twitching problems, contact us for professional care. Contact us to learn more about how our ophthalmologists can help your eye and vision health.