Senior Eye Exams

Senior Eye Exams

Reeve-Woods Eye Center Offers Senior Eye Exams

As our loved one’s age, it is of utmost importance to provide comprehensive vision care for the ailments that may plague them later on in life. The eye doctor in both our Chico & Paradise locations offer senior eye exams to ensure your aging family members and their eyesight is healthy and robust throughout their lives. As an optometrist at Reeve-Woods Eye Center, I can assure you that the services we offer to senior patients addresses every issue they may face when age creeps in. 

"The eyes are windows to the soul" is a popular mantra that we've also adopted here at our optometry center. Your vision care is one avenue to overall wellness care. Whenever our senior patients arrive they are treated with respect, concern, and very astute professionals who can reassure them that all is well and you're in the best hands. 


6 common eye problems as we age

There's no denying that optometry is your first step in solidifying quality vision. Our senior eye exams make certain we detect all obstacles and challenges that aging populations face. While we gather your health history and provide a standard vision test, we also understand the complications that specific eye problems can arise due to getting older. 

Following are 6 common eye problems for seniors we treat in our Chico & Paradise locations:

  • Macular Degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Diabetic Eye Disorders
  • Glaucoma
  • Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Low Vision

The treatments for each common eye problem range from a variety of dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, in-office procedures, medications to reduce any inflammation, and sufficient eye drops that manage issues related to whichever condition is most prevalent. 

It's not always a simple solution when an aging patient has been suffering for years due to illness and pain as a result of eye problems. Our Reeve-Woods optometrist will be completely apprised of your situation and treat accordingly. Every situation is unique. We customize your senior plan based on eye exams and eye solutions. 

The eye doctor isn't the sole professional who offers compassion and care. We have a wealth of skilled team members who guide and recommend proper treatments and rehabilitative efforts in vision restoration. We can't dwell enough on how much we respect our senior patients and the willingness of their hearts and the steps we subsequently take to ensure optometry is working for them.

Call us for your senior eye exam!

Our Chico & Paradise locations both offer full scheduled hours throughout the day, however we are closed on weekends. If you sense something is amiss with your vision and need immediate treatment, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our senior population deserves the very best!